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Nikon D300s vs Canon EOS 7D

Well great news for Canon lovers, as this week Canon announces the much anticipated EOS 7D and finally a camera that will stand up to and could overtake Nikon’s flagship APS-C sensor range. This camera has been announced 4 weeks after Nikon announced the D300s which is an upgraded version of the highly accredited D300.


Nikon D300s


Canon EOS 7D


Sensor Type



Mega Pixels



Max Resolution


100(L) 200-3200 6400(H)

ISO Rating

100-6400 12800(H)

30sec – 1/8000 sec

Shutter time min/max

30sec – 1/8000 sec

7  fps

Shutter speed

8 fps




1280 – 720 at 24fps

Max video resolution

1920 – 1080 at 30fps


View Finder


148 – 111 – 74mm


147 – 114 – 74mm





Live view


3 inch 920 000 pixels


3 inch 920 000 pixels


Focus points


CF and SD

Card Format


£1410  $1799  €1665


£1699  $1699  €1649

On paper the 7D does look better than the D300s with an 18MP APS-C size sensor and 8 fps shutter speed.  Also, if you like video recording on your DSLR then you will be impressed with 1920-1080 HD video, recording at 30 fps which will increase the video quality.  Canon has added a 19 point AF system which is a huge improvement from the 50D.

For the D300s, Nikon has added 1290-720 HD video, recording at 24fps.  Marginal increase in shutter speed from 6 to 7 fps with the same 51 point auto focus system that has proven so popular with sport and wildlife photographers. Another useful feature is the addition of a SD card slot alongside the CF slot, which allows you to choose which card you save your photos to and the functionality of saving videos and stills on different cards or separating RAW and JPEG. 

Buffer speed technology has really improved with the ability of the 7D taking 18mp images at 8fps.  I don’t think it will be long now before we see 24mp full frame cameras shooting at 10fps.

I believe that the D300s will have the better image quality out of the two, due to the fact that Nikon have not increased their sensor. By increasing the pixels on an APS-C size sensor the quality of the shot can be compromised as it tends to add more noise to an image, especially in low light. Unless Canon brings out a completely new sensor design I don’t think they will be able to rectify this problem.

We will have to wait and see what the image quality is like when someone gets the chance to do a hands on review of the two cameras with sample pictures of the same subject.  However, as a Nikon shooter, personally I am really happy that Canon has caught up with Nikon, as I believe it will push Nikon to release an even better camera than the D300s.

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  1. 7D seems like it is packed with more features than the 5D MKii. now i am having a hard time choosing which one to buy.

  2. I think canon 7D takes better image than D300s

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