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My first post

Welcome to the first post of my blog. It has been an interesting week building it and trying to work out all this webpage design stuff but I must admit I am pretty happy with the end result even though it has frustrated me a fair bit and the hard stuff starts now writing articles, reviews and anything else that’s on my mind. Writing has never been a strong point for me so we will have to wait and see how this blog turns out.


This blog is about my passions in life that I hope will be of interest to you and if I succeed in teaching my readers something new then that will be even more rewarding. I have been lucky enough to have visited a lot of countries in my life and had the opportunity to photograph and experience some amazing places and wildlife, from kissing a giraffe in Kenya to being 1.5 metres away from a wild fully grown male lion with nothing between us to protect me or him as I properly would have soiled my pants if he had come for me, but being able to capture these experiences on a camera is a wonderful way to keep that memory fresh and show your adventures to your friends and family.  


Kissing a giraffe (well actually feeding it with my mouth)

Kissing a giraffe (well actually feeding it with my mouth)

I have taken to photography like a duck takes to water. Over the last two years I have tried to learn as much as possible on the subject and to better myself bringing my passion and love for wildlife out in my photographs. Trying to photograph a wild animal and composing it in favourable light can be frustrating especially when your subject has not read the script!  However, the amazing feeling you get when it all comes together and you capture something special in perfect light or in an unusual pose, is something only a photographer knows and that’s the feeling that drives us forward to keep taking pictures hoping one day to get an award winning shot.


On top of a mountain in Parc National Adringitra, Madagascar

On top of a mountain in Parc National Adringitra, Madagascar

I think my parents gave me the travel bug as they took me around Asia when I was 18 months old, they say it was a waste of money as I was too young to remember it now but something must have stuck as since flying the nest I have carried on my travelling ways.  For some reason I am not interested in cities or built up areas, for me the more wild the place the more I feel at home, much to my Mum’s despair as she is terrified I will get killed by a wild animal or some unknown tribe.  I think that’s the excitement of wild places, they get your heart pumping and you never quite know what to expect,  but so far I am still alive and kicking and apart from a dislocated knee I have returned from all my travelling adventures in one piece.


So what to expect in the upcoming months in this blog…I will be doing a few articles on Madagascar, Eastern and Southern Africa. I will be doing a few reviews on camera equipment and some articles on photography.


Stay tuned and enjoy the show.

Posted 10 years, 10 months ago.

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